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Search Engine Optimisation

We include all on-page Search Engine Optimisation so that your site can be found easily on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Sites

Custom-designed to be fully responsive for every device so your website will look great when viewed on mobiles, tablets and desktops/laptops.

Edit Your Website Easily

Change images and text easily and in seconds with our easy to use Page Editor


We provide full technical support – and always on hand to answer any queries


Our Hosting includes full enhanced Security – keeping your website safe from hackers

Built For Converting Visitors

Our websites have been designed to increase bookings with added Call To Actions added throughout

Our Website Services / Prices

Optional Add-On Services

Youtube Video of your photos

We will produce a lovely video using just your photos! View an example video here

Great for you to use within your own website, and also provides a valuable in bound link from Youtube. Google (who own Youtube) will often return items from Youtube in their search results, which means more people viewing your accommodation!

A short video allows up to 20 photos for £99.99

Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing – Ideal for getting in contact with past visitors.
Your past visitors should be one of your strongest marketing assets; after all they have already stayed at your accommodation – they are highly likely to return for subsequent visits – what is the best way to remind them about your accommodation?

Email is still considered one of the best way of marketing – but if you try and send multiple emails via your own email account you…

Call Now Button

All of our sites look good on mobile phones and tablets. A huge percentage of people searching the internet are using smartphones and so it makes sense to have a Call Now facility that allows the mobile user to simply press this to make a call to the site owner. This is going to make a lot of difference to your bookings, as it makes it that much more easier for someone to give you a call when looking at your website via their mobile.

We also colour code your button to match your website!

Install Analytics

Being able to see who is visiting your site and where they have come from is very important. It can help you decide which sites have been worth advertising on, and also show you where you need more effort (if you aren’t getting enough traffic through from a certain area such as social media for example).

Without using some form of analytics, you are literally flying blind; without a clue of where you need to improve! We can install either Google Analytics for you, or we also recommend Statcounter.

Twitter Marketing

Did you know that we offer a fantastic Twitter and blog service, which will totally revolutionary! This service will gather you targeted followers (or fans) and will send these fans a direct message telling them all about your accommodation as well as a link through to your website.

We also include a blog function that links to a very good Service called MissingLettr which allows your blog post to be sent out multiple times throughout the year, saving you a lot of effort!
£99.99+VAT Set Up Fee

then £19.99+VAT per month

Dedicated Professional Email

There are many advantages to using professional dedicated email as opposed to using gmail, hotmail, live, outlook.com or any of the other ‘free’ email services that are available. The main upside is that certain email services most notably hotmail seem to block certain emails from arriving to your inbox; this can cause issues with using webforms on your website, or in some cases if a prospective guest emails you, the email may not reach you!

Our dedicated email provides excellent secure email which can be easily added to any device; phone, tablet or pc or make use of the handy webmail app.
£2.99 per month per email


SSL Certificate

1 year SSL certificate for your website. Google and other search engines may look more favourably on sites that have an SSL certificate. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.


WordPress Website Design and Development


This well trodden path of website development relies on accurate briefing and detailed specification. At EBC Designs we will guide you through the process of creating a precise brief for your website, making sure no content or functionality is left to chance. Once agreed you have a contract that secures your budget and gives you peace of mind on what we’ll deliver.

We have a transparent fee policy, our studio rate is £40/ph, we use this single rate for all our services including Design, Development, SEO and Social Media. We calculate the cost of your website based on the minimum amount of studio hours we believe you will require. The majority of websites that we develop take between 25-100 hours to develop. Our Managed WordPress Hosting fee is £180 /pa.

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