How to make SEO work for your website

Step 1: Keyword Research
The key to finding great keyword opportunities is understanding your websites strengths and weaknesses. Some sites can compete for competitive keywords more than others depending on your current content. Knowing the areas of content you are strong in is a huge step forward in knowing the keywords you can compete with in the search engines.
Knowing the right areas you are strong in will help you gain a healthy share of voice for that keyword.

Find the Best Keywords for Your Website
Do you already have an idea for content you’d like to create? Is there a site in your industry that represents the audience you aspire to attract? Think—competitors, industry publications, bloggers in your niche, etc.
Create a list of highly relevant keyword ideas.

Here are a few free tools to give you a helping hand:

Step 2. On Page Optimization
Now that you know the keywords you are going to optimize for, it is time to start writing the SEO content.
When you are writing your SEO content make sure you include that keyword in all of the prime places. This helps google to understand what your content is about.
Include your target keyword a couple of times in your body content but resist the urge to repeat this keyword too many times. You can also include similar related key phrases into your content. This reinforces the subject of the page for google.
Lastly link to your content from other pages on our website using the focus keyword in the anchor text.

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