Website Design & Development

We will increase your audience and make you shine online.


Website design and development is most likely what EBC Designs are best known for, this is because this is how we started our business. But over the years we have grown to be much more. Our talented team of web designers, developers and marketing specialists have created sites from a diverse collection of industries and have learnt a wealth of knowledge in many different fields.

Here is a short list for some of the industries we specialise in:

  • Construction,
  • Beauty,
  • Catering,
  • Government Council,
  • Telecoms,
  • Housing,
  • Environmental,
  • Theme Parks,
  • Fashion, Modelling
  • Directories
  • Automotive

No matter what your business is, we can help it make the impact you know it should have online. Today’s generation of customer expect more from your website. Dead are the days when a brochure site was acceptable. With the vast amount of technology available to everyone, today’s visitors expectations are much more, they need an engaging and immersive experience that works on any device that they happen to have. This is what our cure is all about and we are leading experts in this field. To get a quote or to arrange for one of our senior Designers to visit you Contact us