WordPress Training

Learn how to build and maintain your own website

Staring from the DNS settings on your URL we will train you on setting up your Web Hosting,  Installing WordPress and then building your site using the best theme and plugins for your individual project.

UK WordPress bespoke remote training courses

Training that’s tailored perfectly for you

We provide training courses for beginners up to more advanced users. We listen to your requirements and then provide bespoke lessons based around the skill sets that you are looking to achieve.

We provide lessons:

Face to Face

You can make an appointment where we will visit you in the comfort of your own surroundings

By Phone & Team Viewer

By speaking with you over the phone together we can use Team Viewer to visually train you on your PC

By Zoom

Using Zoom video calling allows us to work closely together where we can communicate face to face

By Microsoft Meetings

Using Microsoft teams allows us to share screens enabling us to teach you how to use WordPress

We will teach you how to make a WordPress website step by step:

WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems available. It’s versatile, constantly updated and totally free and with it you can create simple blogs, large complex websites and anything in between. Now learning how to use WordPress without any prior experience can be quite difficult. But after taking out courses we guarantee that you will be very comfortable installing WordPress, adding new content, customising themes, installing plugins and also managing existing blogs or websites. Courses are quite large so we split it up into different chapters. First we discuss:

1. The Basics

2. Content Management

3. Working with Themes

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