We believe that our love for creating & developing comes through in every website that we create. Our bespoke unique designs have an amazing attention to detail where we takes our clients needs to heart. . Since we truly enjoy what we do and take pride in our work, we would like to give you an insight into how we approach WordPress development at EBC Design. So let’s jump into the six stages of EBC Design WordPress Development’ that represent the core of our WordPress development services:

5 Stages to WordPress Development


Experienced Developers

Our experienced web developers give solid advice to our clients to identify the very best solution for an optimum result. All of our developers specialise in WordPress development. They do understand HTML however there focus and passion is WordPress which is why they are specialists in this field. This makes them have an expert knowledge and understanding of how to use the software. What does this mean for you? It means faster delivery and better-optimised code, from the latest and best standards in WordPress development.


Quality Assured Results Every Time

As a company we pride ourselves on having strict guidelines regarding the website development processes for our clients. This is to guarantee that we consistency deliver high-quality services, every single time. We never want to provide anything less than the best finished result! Our guidelines include compliance with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards, browser and mobile testing, security guidelines and best development practice. The integrity and security of our clients’ websites are of a high important to us. Our expertise comes from studying what’s happening in the industry and, more importantly, from understanding what actually works in the real world. That’s why we’re able to give you sites that aren’t just fast and secure, but extremely well optimised for search engines such as Google.


Intense Testing

At EBC Design, we test everything before we bring it to market. Our developers test once they’ve finished a new website and before handing the website over to the client. Our developers test the entire site to make sure it is working perfectly. We see how the site works on all of the available browsers under various operating systems, on tablets and on mobile devices. We make sure that the sites we develop are not only made to be used on the latest versions of every browser and operating system but also to be backwards-compatible with older browser software and systems. Your EBC Design Account Manager will test your entire website is working perfectly to the design and facilities you required. They will also upload content to the site’s Content Management System (CMS) to check that all is working as it should. EBC Design give a guarantee that you receive a finished website that meets our Assurance Guidelines Checklist.


Technical Tools

With EBC Design only focusing on WordPress -only websites it allows us to make development faster, more precise and extremely secure. Our developers have built up a library of scripts and codes that they use in the development whenever we start the creation of a new website. As the digital world is moving always forward our developers constantly refine their scripts and technics to keep up to date so that they can refine their skills to each clients bespoke requirements. This enables us to develop new sites quickly and error-free. You see we really are proud of each project we do. We pride ourselves on producing fantastic results for each of our clients. We do not want to just produce good websites, we want to produce works of art because your business deserves to be the best in its field. We want your business to grow and flourish. Plus we want your website to run smoothly and be secure. Therefore we do rigorous testing. We use two servers in our site development process to ensure bug-free releases: a Testing, Staging and Production (Live) server. The Testing server allows our developers to come up with new features and test their performance. Once they hit 100% on our quality assurance tests, we will then get the clients approval that they are happy. The next stage is to go live on the second server. We use the web-based hosting service “GitHub”, which allows us to quickly and easily roll out features from one server to the other once they are approved or tested. Finally before we officially go live we do a further weeks testing of the website on the new server. Once the development is finished we get out the champagne and go live. Why do we do this? To ensure that the client’s hosting server can handle the incoming traffic and that everything works as it should. Even once we have gone live, we will help you to maintain your website making sure your website runs smoothly ensuring that your theme, plugins and WordPress is always up to date with the latest developments.


Project and Account Management

We believe at EBC Design that you should deal with one experienced Account Manager from start to finish. We understand that it is very nice to build a relationship with an Account manager. This ensures that your requirements are understood and meet. Therefore once your needs are understood your Account Manager will prepare a detailed project plans to start the project. Then along the development they will review milestones and deadlines with their client and our production teams daily. •They identify 3 milestones every week that our production team have to reach. This ensures that any challenges or difficulties get identified early on and are dealt with very quickly (by, for example, adding extra resources to the project). •They work in weekly cycles (scrums) and hold short, progress update meetings with our clients regularly. •They provide day-to-day support to our clients and respond to all queries within the same working day. •They send our clients weekly reports with a list of the activities, tasks and progress made over the past week, along with a list of tasks for the following week. That way our clients can always keep up to date with the project. •They use Basecamp – an online collaborative tool – to keep the client’s feedback on our work in one place, easy-to-access and refer back to. •Training. What would be the point of delivering the most kick-ass website ever, if our client doesn’t know how to handle it? Our account managers give them full training on how to update their site’s content using the new CMS. The training takes place face to face, lasts for around two hours and includes suggestions and recommendations for best security practice.

You have reached the end

Technology is evolving at a fast pace and we recognise the importance of keeping abreast of new developments in our industry. We are never satisfied and that’s why we continuously improve and evaluate our processes. We like to reflect on what we’ve done and challenge ourselves to make it even better; that’s how we’ve grown steadily over the years – continuously learning and developing. With every project we learn something new, so we regularly update our guidelines and processes so that all of our clients and their sites benefit from the acquired knowledge.