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Search Engine Optimisation is vital for getting to page one of the search engines. Being seen keeps your website and your brand on customers minds which is highly important in an ever-changing industry. 

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Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to the activity of improving your search engine rankings, in the search results for Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…. To gain strength for your website in the search engines and to excel in the rankings your pages need strength (authority). Authority is mostly measured by analyzing the number and quality of links from other website pages to yours. In simple terms the more power you have the better.

An SEO Strategy that works for you.

When we surf the net we are all guilty of ONLY choosing companies that are featured on page on of Google. Being on the first page of Google for your given keywords can massively improve your yearly turnover. Customer trust that the companies on page one of Google are the best, therefore there is no point looking any further. This unfortunately means that if you are ranking on page 2 for keywords relating to your business, you will not be gaining much traffic and your website will not be performing efficiently for you. Additionally, over the last few years consumers (me and you) shopping habits have changed and more and more of us are purchasing products from the internet rather than going into a physical shop. So what do you need to do to get to page one of Google? Bearing in mind that only 10 companies can be featured on the first page for a given keyword. 

Time to make a change!

So if you are tired of your main competitors benefiting those first pages clicks then now is the time to invest in your website and yourself by starting an effective SEO campaign without having to increase your marketing spend with exercises such as Google Ad Words.
With the search engines such as Google which is the most popular the algorithms are continually changing so SEO can take time to work which means that getting to page one of Google does not happen over night. However, here at EBC Designs our team always keep up with the latest industry trends, and algorithm changes ensuring that we keep your website on top. Our SEO team have a wealth of experience and are experts in researching and implementing both on-site and off-site search engine optimisation. When you contact us our team will under go an audit on your site to give you and us a full breakdown of how your site is performing at this current moment, with steps on how you can increase your rankings which will lead to much needed clicks and phone calls.





Our services don't begin and end at bringing customers to your website. The user experience on your website plays a major role in the overall SEO performance– key factors include page loading speed, content and easy to use navigation.

Most Important Google Ranking Factors


Packages for small to medium size companies

At EBC Designs we always strive to have a very open relationship with our customers, so below you will see a rough idea of the costs involved in running a successful SEO campaign. To determine the length of time required to SEO your website all depends on the strength of the keywords that you are trying to optimise for. As an example some keywords (e.g mobile phone) are a lot more competitive and harder to get to page one in the search engines than others. Therefore, before you choose your package we must have a conversation to know how to strategically and effectively move forward. 

All packages include:

We charge £60 per hour to run an SEO campaign. Our campaigns start from 10 hours +

Depending on your keywords and the changes that need to be implemented on your website determines the length of time required to optimise your website for the search engines. No two customers are the same and SEO is tailormade around the keywords that you wish to rank for.


Good for Start-up Companies
up to 10 hours


Good for Small Companies
up to 25 hours


Good for Growing Companies
up to 50 Hours


SME's to Large Companies
50 Hours +

With all of our packages above you can choose how many hours our staff work with you enabling you to have total control over your budget.
Also, with each package the key points below are included:

Our Time
To provide you with greater transparency, we bill what we do by the hour and our packages are designed to suit a variety of small businesses.
Account Manager
They are the hands-on team members who oversee your account, reporting on the data and performance of your campaign to keep things running smoothly. Account Managers bring their many years of experience to the table and will be focused on strategising and developing new opportunities whilst our Account Executives are focused on the day to day, working solely on one channel.
Consider us your personal ‘Think Tank’…your Brainstorm Buddies. We have a wealth of experience and access to some very creative minds and they’re yours to share!
Video Meetings
These are important for everyone. They’re the opportunity for human interaction, one on one guidance, relationship building, friendship forming; and the sharing of biscuits and dog hugs…
Campaign Setup
Whatever is decided will align with the goals you’ve set for your business, we put the necessary actions and ads in place to achieve the desired campaign results.
Our in-house copywriters will do what they do best; find the words that will engage your target customers and speak in your brand’s voice.
Monthly Reports
We share user-friendly monthly reports so we can take the information we provide you to the next level.
Conversion Rate Optimisation
CRO is the term we’ll use when referring to our focus on increasing the number of visitors to your digital platform who convert before they leave.
Management & Optimisation
Ensuring that your campaigns continue to perform is key for a long term partnership. Plus, we always want to improve on the results we’ve generated so there is no such thing as too many optimisations
Audience Research
Not sure who to target? This is where we can help – we can pinpoint your audience exactly or keep it broad, our experts will guide you in the right direction
Google Analytics Tracking
We ensure every element of your campaign is tracked through the easy to use Google Analytics Dashboard

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